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Bas- and Haut-reliefs

Ode to the strange fantasies of sculptors

The number of stone bas-reliefs were found in Kyiv – 111

Most of the bas-reliefs can be seen on public buildings, for example, along the entire Pedagogical Museum (57, Volodymyrska Street), where the authors wanted to show the whole history. In the days of the Soviet Union it was fashionable to decorate buildings with achievements of socialism – one of the most obvious examples can be found on the building on the corner of Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Pirogov Streets.

Photo above: a bas-relief on the front of the Catholic Church of St. Nicholas (1899-1909), the work of an Italian sculptor Elio Sal. The bas-relief depicts the process of coronation of a representative of the Polish szlachta by the bishop or the Pope. The coat of arms of Vitas is an evidence of this, whose history dates back to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (later it became a part of the coat of arms of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth). Velyka Vasylkivska Street, 77.

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